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Drone use evolves on TAPS
» Drone use evolves on TAPS

A group of visionary thinkers at Alyeska, among TAPS contractors and beyond have introduced emerging technology to make work safer, more efficient and more accurate: unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) or drones. » Story


Pipeline People

Dave Heimke
» Dave Heimke

The intrepid electrical engineer has settled in for a job, organization and team he loves: working as Alyeska's acting Director of Engineering.
»


Pipeline Facts:

OCC can initiate an emergency shutdown which will stop flow and isolate the pipeline in 15 minutes.

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Pipeline Reliability

September 2018 Reliability Factor

Reliability Factor for Sep 2018


Reliability Factor for year 2018


There were 0 prorations during September that impacted the reliability factor.

There were 0 deferred barrels during September that impacted the reliability factor.

TAPS Throughput

September throughput: 15,001,279 BBLS*
Average: 500,043 BPD**

Year 2018: 137,951,474 BBLS*
Average: 505,317 BPD**

*BBLS (barrels) = 42 Gallons
**BPD = Barrels Per Day

For more information about the amount of crude oil that has been transported through TAPS, click here.

For information on reporting a pipeline emergency, click here.

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