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Rod Hanson

Rod Hanson / Senior Vice President, Operations & Maintenance

Rod Hanson is the Senior Vice President of Operations & Maintenance.

Rod joined Alyeska in 1991. He has held a wide range of management positions and worked at numerous jobsites, including along the pipeline, in Valdez, Fairbanks and Anchorage. He started as an Engineering Project Leader on various projects on the pipeline and in Valdez. He subsequently took on more responsibilities as a Project Engineer, Engineering Coordinator, Maintenance Planning Supervisor, Pipeline Advisor, Pipeline Manager, Asset Manager, Marine Terminal Operations & Maintenance Manager, Commercial Manager with Supply Chain and Contracting, and Health, Safety, Environment Director. He served as Vice President of System Integrity, Engineering & Projects for a year and a half before becoming Senior Vice President of Operations & Maintenance.

Rod was born in Oregon, raised in the Pacific Northwest, and moved to Alaska in 1978. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the Oregon Institute of Technology in 1982.  He and his wife Margaret have two adult children who also live in Alaska, have married, and have started their own families.  Rod enjoys flying, hunting, fishing, and spending time with his young grandchildren.